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Each of Katie's acts are unique and extremely entertaining with her vintage, vaudeville style her acts include:

  • 1920's

  • 1940's

  • 1950's

  • 1960's

  • Musicals

  • Tap Dancing Waitress

Delight and dazzle your guests with something they've never seen before - an act not to be missed!

Katie can perform inside or out and and on any type of surface as she performs on two circular platform stages. Her set up is small and compact and can fit easily into most spaces.


Nutanix - Party 29.11.18 (low res)-259 (


3 - 10 minute performances depending on the type of act and event.

Meet and Greet guests in costume before performance.

Katie is happy to work with you on themes and music and can work as a featured soloist or part of a cabaret. Please get in touch for further information.

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