"Katie Lewis....what can I say! She is an exceptional entertainer with boundless energy. Her routines are innovative and leave you breathless." - Hazel Timpe Co Founder of Bex Events 

"What a fabulous act, very entertaining" - Dame June Whitfield

"Katie just blew me away with her sheer energy and joyful enthusiasm. A true professional!!" - Tom Fitzpatrick, Professional swing/big band singer

"Hi Katie, I just got the feedback from Saturday's Summer Party, I put you on last and you stormed them!!!! They love you!! Thank you so much!!! - Kay Carmen, Executive Member of the Royal Variety Charity, Brinsworth House

"It was great to have you with us for such a great evening - I wanted to thank you for your flexibility shown on the night in terms of performance stage area and outfit - it really helped us immensely and you played a big part in making the event as successful as it was."  - Alex Pease, Senior Project Manager at Principal Global Events

'"Katie Lewis provided a glittering start with her expert tap dance to Cabaret that got toes tapping." -Sue McCready , Eastbourne Herald Newspaper 

"Thanks Katie, that was fantastic. The kids really loved it and you kept them engaged the whole time..." - Ian Watling, BIG 60 Event Chief 

"Katie is able to tailor her skills for any event... with her amazing talent and infectious enthusiasm only matched by her sparkling personality. A true performer!!" - Event Organiser, East Sussex Events

"Katie Lewis is tip top tap dancer! Not only is her tap dancing superb but the presentation, dance technique and personality are first class. Ideal if you are looking for something original and entertaining" - BGT's Drew Cameron, Comedy Impressionist

"I have had the privilege of watching Katie perform twice now, once at The Eastbourne Underground Theatre, also at International Hot Air Balloon Festival. Katie delights her audience with wonderful eye catching, technical, vigorous tap dancing routines full to the brim with energy and personality. Together with quick fire changes of pace and clever comic mime in my view Katie re-creates the magic of Gene Kelly with a modern twist. Katie is the most exciting tap dancer to have come on the scene for a long time. She can captivate and audience  and I just love watching her perform" - June Mullins, Zone Stage Director for the International Hot Air Balloon Festival

"Katie Lewis has danced in three of my shows now at The Underground Theatre...she is not just a tap dancer but can perform many styles of dancing... Katie is oozing with talent!" - John Collings, Producer & Founder of Macmillan Cancer Support Theatre Company 

"Katie Lewis is an exceptional and dynamic performer who is able to tailor her skills for any event. Has entertained the crowds at Hastings Pirate Day and Bexhill Roaring 20s with her amazing talent and infectious enthusiasm only matched by her sparkling personality. A true performer!!" - Roger Crouch

"Katie is a fantastic, dynamic performer matching the likes of Eleanor Powell and Ginger Rogers. She brings pleasure to so many people of all ages from the young to the very eldery with her tap dancing. It is creative, refreshing, energetic and very entertaining..Book her for any occasion as she will not cease to amaze and surprise you and give you the best value for money while leaving your guests/clients happy" - Maureen Kilgour, Company Manager of Only Fools and Two Courses

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